A story that holds up!

Ever since he started his business in July 2003, Christian Rossenfosse has been facing demand from customers who have wanted to keep their new car in perfect condition for as long as possible. This demand was the starting point of his search for a long-term, environmentally-friendly, and quality product.
He soon had the opportunity to find a supplier manufacturing these products, Luc D'Argencé, the founder of PERMAGARD and specialist in the protection of painted surfaces since 1998. Christian Rossenfosse travelled to the south of France to attend a PERMAGARD training course.

He was amazed by the shine and smoothness of the bodywork, made possible by adding a layer of a few microns of reactive polymers. The reactive polymers provide long-lasting protection: they protect the surfaces against all kinds of pollution and make cleaning considerably easier: we recommend washing with clean water or, for best results, using PERMAGARD shampoo for treated surfaces.

The difference between PERMAGARD and other products on the market is fundamental, as PERMAGARD does not modify the original varnish in any way. This is the reason why PERMAGARD is approved by all car manufacturers.

After several years in the business, Christian Rossenfosse, exclusive PERMAGARD importer for Belgium and Luxembourg, is still delighted to see how shiny the treated cars are. He is delighted with the trusting relationship he has built up with his customers, who are themselves entirely satisfied and recommend him to others.

At the same time, he has developed his specific activities of cleaning (after a disaster for example), treatment of persistent odours, sanitation (pathogens, moulds, microbes, bacteria, etc.).

Our values

The values that drive us are reflected in the transparent relationship we foster with our customers and in the quality of the solutions we offer. They form our internal frame of reference.


Protecting the environment and health by choosing non-polluting products.


We work in a precision business; we always have the right solution for each problem.

Quest for excellence

The quality of our services through our methodology, our constant questioning and our respect for schedules.


For our customers, our partners and the vehicles entrusted to us.


we must offer increasingly innovative technical solutions in order to achieve maximum results.

Active listening

An active listening enables us to respond properly to all the issues we deal with on a daily basis.