Paint protection

Keep your car's original shine.

Your car is important to you, and it is perfectly legitimate for you to wish to keep it looking as good as new for the longest time possible. Your car's paintwork needs to be protected, whether it is new or old. Paint oxidises and the colour will eventually fade over time, which can be avoided.

UV rays, atmospheric pollutants, the use of car washing stations and improper washing damage the gloss. In most cases, these actions also damage the paintwork.

PERMAGARD reactive polymers form a coating, which is undoubtedly the most protective in the world.

Nothing is simpler, protects better, and lasts longer with such a high gloss, than a PERMAGARD treatment.

Permagard Belux achievements

Interior & exterior


A long-lasting barrier

PERMAGARD coating is made up of reactive polymers that bonds to the paint on your bodywork, protecting it against all types of attack (acids, insects, bird droppings, tree resins, etc.), and preventing most dirt from adhering. This is why your vehicle will stay incredibly clean between washes.

The polymers do not penetrate the varnish, so there is no problem in case body work needs to be carried out on the vehicle.

When your vehicle needs cleaning, you can simply rinse it with water or the PERMAGARD shampoo!

The benefits of a Permagard treatment


The polymers do not penetrate the original varnish. This means no problems in case of body work or polishing.


  • Against industrial and natural pollution.
  • Against loss of shine and oxidation.
  • Your leather, fabric and vinyl against stains, fading and wear.

To keep your interior looking as good as new, we recommend treating your fabric or leather seats with PERMAGARD fluorinated copolymer resin. Leather then wears less quickly and maintenance becomes easier.


Wind resistance, improving performance.


Of the environment and your health.