Cleaning up after damage

Treatment of bacteria

Did you know that the inside of your vehicle can host up to 800 types of bacteria? We offer disinfection and neutralisation solutions to eliminate all harmful bacteria and microbes.

They spread through the air conditioning system and all the surfaces of the passenger compartment.

We spray the passenger compartment with an outdoor and indoor disinfectant, which kills all the germs and bacteria in the heating circuit.

An interior PERMAGARD antimicrobial treatment can also be applied on leathers, fabrics and plastics...

All our indoor and outdoor treatments are antimicrobial.

Our values

The values that drive us are reflected in the transparent relationship we foster with our customers and in the quality of the solutions we offer. They form our internal frame of reference.


Protecting the environment and health by choosing non-polluting products.


We work in a precision business; we always have the right solution for each problem.

Quest for excellence

The quality of our services through our methodology, our constant questioning and our respect for schedules.

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