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The treatment consists of a layer of reactive polymers which, when added to the bodywork, will make it waterproof, and dirt repellent.

The vehicle will remain easier to care for, shinier, deeper and wet looking, and will be protected against all types of weather pollution.


Long-term protection

Stain resistance

UV protection


Protects against corrosion

In 1998, PERMAGARD was founded in Mougins, France

Tested at an altitude of 12,000m, from -50°C to +50°C, at a speed of 850 km/h

Protection against industrial and natural pollution

Gives a gloss and a shine that will last for a lifetime

Protects prestigious aircraft, cars and yachts around the world

December 2019: new PERMAGARD formula after 3 years of research & developmen

What are the advantages of becoming a PERMAGARD applicator?

  • Enhance every vehicle sold
  • Enhance your brand image
  • - Work with PERMAGARD BELUX, reference partner since 2003 in Belgium & Luxembourg
  • - Approved by all car manufacturers, the marine industry and aviation (Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Etihad)

Exclusive product! 

PERMAGARD's worldwide policy in the automotive, aviation and marine sectors is to work only with approved applicators.

PERMAGARD is not available on the Internet and is not authorised for direct sale. It can only be applied by suitably trained professionals.

This choice was made solely because we want every vehicle and every brand to be sublimated.

Excellent financial return!

Permagard has no competitors

Since its creation, PERMAGARD has noticed a certain craze for new "treatments" on the market.

Since 1998, reactive polymer technology has proved to be worth and timeless.

The new PERMAGARD long-lasting formulation required 3 years of research and development since December 2019.

The treatment is + hydrophobic, + glossy, + reactive and + high-performance.

This is why you will choose PERMAGARD!

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