Car Washing

21 Feb 2024,
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Car Washing

Opting for a PERMAGARD treatment means opting for ease!

You will certainly remember the feeling of satisfaction you had when you first discovered your car after the PERMAGARD treatment. A sparkling, shiny car. One of the great advantages of this treatment is that all you have to do to rediscover this satisfaction is run a jet of clear water over the entire vehicle.

Our advice

Multi-purpose: Multi-purpose cleaner is very effective during summer for cleaning insects. All you have to do is spray the product directly onto the surfaces to be cleaned, and let it work for a few seconds. Then simply wipe with a sponge or soft brush.

  • Suitable for all types of surfaces: bodywork, fabric, leather, plastic and vinyl.
  • Ultra-concentrated product that must be diluted. 1:10 for dirty surfaces. For less dirty surfaces, we recommend 1:20/25.

pH-neutral soap: we recommend a three-step process:

  1. Start at the top and work your way down to the door handles.
  2. Continue washing all the way down to above the lower part of the body.
  3. Finish with the lowest part of the car.
  • pH neutral shampoo: 10-15 ml in 10 litres of hand-warm water.
  • Important: regularly rinse the sponge and the car.

Wiping: once your vehicle has been cleaned and rinsed, it is important to dry all the surfaces. To do this, use the microfibre cloth supplied in the pack.

You can once again enjoy a totally clean car thanks to your PERMAGARD treatment!

Feb 21, 2024
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